About Us

Diavaz starts operations in 1973 as a diving company providing inspection, maintenance and repair services for offshore oil structures and facilities for the nascent exploration industry and hydrocarbon production on Tamaulipas Coast and on Campeche Bay.

Diavaz has become an organization made up of various business segments that participate along the oil value chain, made up of subsidiaries and companies created through alliances with national and international strategic partners.

Diavaz currently has more than 3,700 employees providing comprehensive solutions to the industry with a deep knowledge in the energy sector, making use of the most advanced technologies available in the market.


Diavaz have a long history generating strategic and commercial alliances, through our technological strengths incorporating work groups of different philosophies and business cultures guided to generate value for our customers.

  • 1
    icon_1 Well Drilling and Completion
  • 2
    icon_2 Private Equity Fund
  • 3
    icon_3 Commercialization of Hydrocarbons and Operation of Oil Infrastructure
  • 4
    icon_4 CSI Compressco LP
  • 5
    icon_5 Compressed Natural Gas Distribution
  • 6
    icon_6 Geotechnical and Seabed Studies
  • 7
    icon_7 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • 8
    icon_8 Development Services for the Gas Reserve
  • 9
    icon_9 Development Services for the Gas Reserve
  • 10
    icon_10 Heavy Oil Production
  • 11
    icon_11 Drilling and Completion Fluid Services

We are present in all strategic areas of the oil industry in Mexico. Our unique team of professional engineers, technicians and specialized workers, as well as administrative staff, works hard to provide high-quality services.

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Presencia Geográfica
  • oficina_1 Corporate offices
  • oficina_2 Compressed Natural Gas Transportation
  • oficina_3 Commercialization and Distribution of Natural Gas
  • oficina_4 Terrestrial Oil Services
  • oficina_5 Marine Services for the Oil Industry
  • oficina_6 Integrity and Reliability Maintenance of Oil Assets
  • oficina_7 Oil Field Operations